When to wear Babydoll , Camisole and Chemise


A Babydoll is a nightgown which is short in length and not very tight fitting to body.

Babydolls are designed to enhance bust appeal, minimize waist and give prominence to butts and thighs .Mostly they flow till upper thigh and after free flow and loose after waist. Babydolls are invariably sleeveless.

They are considered to be best for summer season and can be used as nightdress. Usually made of chiffons but nowadays cotton is also equally in demand.

You can wear babydoll as nightwear however they should not be worn outdoor.


A Camisole or cami is usually a sleeveless tight fitting dress covering complete upper body . Many women like them as T Shirts and they can be worn with many dressed .Opposite to other nightdresses , they can be worn during outdoor visits also under sweaters ,dresses and sleeks tops .You can wear them with strapless bra or go for a chemise which has in built bra .With matching boxer shorts or panties they are an ideal nightwear .

They are made of satin, lycra, silk, , nylon, or spandex, although  cotton based materials are equally popular.

You can wear chemisole as ideal nightwear indoor / outdoor as well as a TShirt under sweaters and tops.


A Chemise is essentially a nightwear with characteristics similar to babydoll with only difference that they are closer (or tight) fitting than babydolls. Chemise are available in multiple length choices – as short as hip length and as long as floor length. Similar to babydolls , chemise will always be sleeveless and decorated with floral lace , ribbons and bows etc.They make an ideal nightdress , giving a good fit to body with emphasizing bust , rear and thigh and minimizing waist.Chemise are made of silk, shiffon and cotton.

You should wear them essentially as a nightdress however long length chemise can be used as lounge wear or limited usage outdoor dress (within house )

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